How to Rice your Cauliflower

When I was younger I (like many of you) could eat anything with no side effects. Unfortunately, as I've aged, I've noticed that my body doesn't process certain foods the way it did in my youth. Rice is one of those food that affects me differently these days, white rice especially. As soon as I... Continue Reading →


Good Morning Green Juice, er… Smoothie?

Ever since I watched "Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead" some years ago, I've been a big fan of adding juice to my life. After watching that documentary, like so many others, I ordered my juicer immediately and went to juicing. Problem was, for a person who isn't dedicating their every day to juicing, this became... Continue Reading →

All Purpose Flatbread

So I was wanting to try my hand at making naan but truth be told (and this was a couple of years ago) it was a fail. It wasn't soft yet chewy like naan, it didn't rise like naan, and didn't have the beautiful big air bubbles like naan. BUT what it did have was... Continue Reading →

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