Hi!15713831202_7ed14cb6d2_b  My name is
J. Jacuinde. I am a wife, a step-mother to a young adult daughter, a mother to five 4-legged snuggle bugs and I have a day job.

My husband and I became Vegan in August 2016 for all the reasons that vegans become vegans and haven’t looked back. My step-daughter is not vegan so it’s a challenge to keep familiar flavors while maintaining the vegan preparation – and I accept.

I hope if you stumbled upon this site, you’re able pick up a new recipe or idea and can incorporate it into your meals. I really want you to enjoy my recipes because they’re just that good and tempting AND they just so happen to be vegan.

Vegan food can get a bad wrap. It doesn’t all taste like cardboard and lettuce. It can be gooey and creamy, it can be sweet and salty, it can be just as comforting as traditional Mac ‘n Cheese yet it can be healthy and compassionate too.

Happy cooking!