Meal Plan 01/28-2/3 2018 Cleanse and Purge.

This week’s meal plans contains two different plans. One for myself, and one for the Mr. I have been having some gut troubles and I feel like I need to do a cleanse, reset the system a bit; so my plan is super simple, clean, and repetitive for the week. Makes for a super easy meal prep for sure.

For the Mr., I’m also resetting his system a bit too. Not for the same reasons though. He’s been eating some meats and dairies these days ever since he went to Paris so his meal plan will be strictly vegan again. Still good stuff with variety but vegan nonetheless. His lunches and breakfasts are repetitive because he likes what he likes but the dinners will vary. Hope you get some inspiration from the plan. Each listed meal plan will be linked to recipes as I post :D. Happy Healthy Eating!!!!

Week Long Cleanse for the Mrs.


Meal Prep for the Mr.

  • BREAKFAST: Peanut Butter Toast & Coffee
  • SNACK: Cantaloupe
  • LUNCH: Hummus w/Veggies & Flatbread
  • SNACK: Mixed Nuts
  • DINNER 1/30 (Tues): Spinach, Carrot, Kimbap with Seaweed Soup
  • DINNER 1/31 (Wed):  Grilled Romaine Salad w/Grilled Portobello Mushroom & Balsamic Glaze
  • DINNER 2/1 (Thurs): Veggie Lasagna w/Garlic Crostini & Side Salad
  • DINNER 2/2 (Fri): Tofu Skewers w/ Basmati Rice and Curry Sauce
  • DINNER 2/3 (Sat): Black Bean & Heart of Palm Tostadas

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