Korean Pears

So obviously I didn’t “make these” but this is my mid-morning snack this week and for those of you who have never had one, I thought I’d introduce you to the Korean Pear, aka. Shinko Pear.

These fruits are one of my FAVORITES!!!!! They’re super crisp like the crispiest apple yet watery and juicy, like a ripe pear. They’re sweet, it’s almost hard to pick a bad one, and they’re surprisingly filling, perhaps because of the water content. NOTE: to pick one, I pick them firm. If they’re soft, they get mushy and for me, no good. They’ll last in your fridge for weeks.

Generally I find these at any local Asian market and often you can find these in season at your local higher end market whether it be Ralph’s, Pavilions, Vons, etc…. They can be pricey, just a warning but they’re SOOOOO worth it.

I eat these pears often as-is with the skin on for a snack but they are also an essential part of my Bulgogi marinade (a Korean beef recipe) and they’re fantastic shaved into salads. Shinko pears also add a hit of sweetness to potato salads (again, the Korean version).

If you’ve never had one, you don’t know what you’re missing. Get one. If you’ve had it before, you KNOW what I’m talking about. Sweet, juicy deliciousness.





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