Brown Rice Salad With Grilled Chili & “Chick-un”

Tonight's dinner for the Mr. is a brown rice salad with grilled chili and  "chick-un" (that's chicken that's plant based and not actually coming from a chicken). Thought I'd give it a bit of an Asian flair with a sesame dressing. Note, I skewered my chili and chick-un for some extra pizazz but you can... Continue Reading →

“Fried Rice” ‘d Cauliflower

For my lunches this week I made a large batch of fried riced cauliflower. Now just so you're warned, this is not fried rice so don't expect fried rice. It won't have the same texture, it won't have the same taste, it won't leave you stuffed like a plate of fried rice. HOWEVER, it WILL... Continue Reading →

Kale & Quinoa Salad

This salad is light and refreshing on a thousand degree day like it was today (I exaggerate - it was like 84, but in my defense, it IS still January). Anyway... it's light BUT it's packed with protein, healthy fats, and a BUNCH of fiber so you won't end your meal feeling hungry. I don't... Continue Reading →

Plain (Healthier) Hummus

Have you ever noticed that some recipes have a bunch of stuff in them that just really aren't necessary? Nothing could be truer for me than with hummus. The first time I made hummus, I looked up a recipe and followed it to the T. Chickpeas, check; tahini, check; olive oil, check. But as I... Continue Reading →

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