How to Rice your Cauliflower

When I was younger I (like many of you) could eat anything with no side effects. Unfortunately, as I’ve aged, I’ve noticed that my body doesn’t process certain foods the way it did in my youth. Rice is one of those food that affects me differently these days, white rice especially. As soon as I eat it, if allowed, I will nap heavily for 30 minutes or so. I feel groggy and sluggish and overall tired. Not a good feeling. So with the renaissance of cauliflower these days, I have taken a liking to riced cauliflower. Yes, that’s right – cauliflower as a white rice substitute.

Now I have seen people using riced cauliflower in lieu of rice in sushi but sorry Charlie, that doesn’t fly in my book. I’m Asian,  ‘er go, if I’m gonna eat sushi it’s gonna be with white rice, period.

Now for other things though, like fried rice, or rice in a burrito, or rice on top of a salad, etc… I find that this riced cauliflower is a lovely substitute. Way less calories, no after meal nap and you sneak in an additional serving of veggies to your day.

So go ahead! Enjoy your cauliflower rice! Be creative! Please share with me what you make and how you use your riced cauliflower. Let’s be energetic together.

J. Jacuindes Kitchen - Sig on white



  • Cauliflower



    • Cut out the leafy stump of cauliflower
    • Wash the head and chop into manageable pieces
    • Using the largest holes on boxed grater, grate the cauliflower


  • Wrap riced cauliflower in a clean tea towel and squeeze out all the excess moisture
  • You can cook your “rice” in the microwave, covered on high for 4.5 minutes or you can cook in a hot pan over the stove for about 6-7 minutes. No need to use oil, just add a dash of water if needed.

Voila! You have cauliflower rice, ready to be used in a variety of dishes.


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