Meal Plan 02/04 – 02/10 2018

So last week I reaped the benefits of so much fiber in my diet. While I’ll be having the same dinners as my husband this week, I have decided to keep the Green Morning Juice for breakfast and the Cleansing Veggie Soup in, but this time for lunch. It just made me feel good and kept me full.

I also realized that both my husband and myself have been moving less and less (not a good thing) so I’m going to be incorporating a few planned walks and hikes into our days. The nice thing is I am home more than I’m in an office these days so sneaking in an early morning hike is not impossible.

Goal setting is important. I hope you have a goal to achieve this week and I hope you try out one of my recipes and that it helps fuel you to success.

BREAKFAST & LUNCH for the Mrs. 


BREAKFAST & LUNCH for the Mr. 

  • BREAKFAST: Brown Rice Porridge, Toast w/ Peanut Butter, & Coffee
  • SNACK: Mixed Nuts
  • LUNCH: Leftover Dinner from each night before


DINNERS for the Mrs. & Mr.:

  • Sunday 2/4:    Veggie Lasagna with a Side Salad
  • Monday 2/5:   “Butter Tofu” with Chickpeas over Basmati Rice
  • Tuesday 2/6:   Leftover Veggie Lasagna with a Side Salad
  • Wednesday 2/7:   Vegan Pozole
  • Thursday 2/8:   “Butter Tofu” with Chickpeas over Basmati Rice
  • Friday 2/9:   Vegan Pozole
  • Saturday 2/10:   Bean Tostadas



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